The latest generation has arrived !

Our newest flagship is a highly elegant "coupé" for speedy, comfortable sailing, even with a small crew...

The ETAP 48Ds is an exceptional sailing yacht. With a designer like Von Ahlen Yachtdesign (Hamburg, Germany), you know that you're in for an exceptionally strong performance. ETAP Yachting's unique ship-in-ship construction also guarantees an unsinkable boat with superb acoustic and thermal insulation and a perfect finish, unparalleled ina boat of this class ... The Stylish and contemporary decor was created by Stile Bertone (Turin, Italy). The unique lay-out and panoramic saloon make this an unusually comfortable boat.

The unalloyed sailing pleasure you derive from the ETAP 48Ds will be enhanced by the highly elegant interior. Specific functions for blue water sailing and integrated navigation and multimedia equipment complete the picture.

3D Model of the ETAP 48Ds  The ETAP 48Ds in action !

The ETAP 48Ds in action !  The ETAP 48Ds in action !